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Patrick Takes Part in Montel Williams’ MILITARY MAKEOVER

April 29th, 2021


In March, several of our leadership and military veteran staff members had the opportunity to travel to Deerfield, Florida to be part of Montel Williams’ MILITARY MAKEOVER. The television show “enlists conscientious designers, contractors, landscapers and other home improvement professionals to transform the homes and lives of military families across the country.” Patrick was honored to partner with BrandStar – the show producers – to supply building materials, to volunteer to work on the project, and contribute time, leadership, and vision to the home remodel.

Our specific initiative featured Michael and Heather Daniels. Michael is a disabled military veteran decorated for valor and heroic achievement who served two tours in Iraq. He is extremely proud of his service to his country and does not regret a single day. His wife Heather, a registered nurse who has been a frontline worker serving COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit, also believes that it is her call of duty to serve her patients, just as her husband served his country.

We are extremely proud of the numerous Patrick team members, as well as supplier and customer military veterans who have served our country. We honor and applaud all military service men and women, and further emphasize our support of the many military relationships within our industries.

We are thrilled to have helped the Daniels family make their dream home a reality! The show aired on Lifetime in May and June. The show can still be seen on Military Makeover’s YouTube Channel.

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