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Leadership Development Program

Join the next generation of leaders within Patrick Industries

About The Program

IMPACT is a leadership development program designed to develop recent college graduates to become leaders within our organization. The one-year program, based at our Elkhart, IN headquarters, offers you a unique opportunity to experience various facets of our organization, gaining invaluable exposure to different functional areas and business units while delivering results from the start!


Program Benefits

IMPACT is a self-driven program for highly motivated people. As such, it offers exclusive advantages like an accelerated growth trajectory, increased earning potential and greater control over your career. But you also get the benefit of being a full-time Patrick employee, meaning a competitive benefits package and a healthy work/life balance.

  • Job Benefits
    • Medical, dental & vision insurance
    • 401K matching
    • Paid vacation & holidays
  • Career Benefits
    • Mentee & mentorship opportunities
    • Executive leadership exposure
    • Advancement opportunities
Successs Story
Jose M., Manchester University
Business Administration and Marketing

Jose’s journey within Patrick has been marked by a series of roles, beginning with his entry after college where he worked on the production line for six months while waiting to interview for the IMPACT program. Unfortunately, Jose was declined from the program. However, he saw this as an opportunity to return to the plant and spend the year proving himself. He started his year as a Quality Technician and eventually began to run a lamination line. He reapplied and spent 10 months in the IMPACT program before accepting a supervisor position at Adorn, where he has been ever since. Jose was promoted to the role of Plant Manager in September 2023.

Hunter L.

“Now more than ever I am able to leverage the relationships I have built through IMPACT to continue to make changes and help my career progress.”

Hunter L.
Halle H.
Successs Story
Halle H., Purdue University
Industrial Engineering Technology

Halle is currently a Sales Representative at Adorn. Halle transitioned straight from graduation at Purdue into the IMPACT Program at Patrick. For her, it opened doors for many different career paths. Her favorite part of the program was working alongside other IMPACT team members. The beginning of a career can be overwhelming, but there is comfort in knowing that you are not alone on the journey and there are lots of people around to champion you in the program. At the culmination of the program, Halle moved into her current role as a Sales Representative. She works to ensure smooth day-to-day operations with our customers.

Hunter L.

“IMPACT provided me with a platform to learn from several different leadership styles, while simultaneously displaying the many ways to drive results as a leader.”

Hunter L.
Daniel L
Successs Story
Daniel L., Purdue University
University of Missouri
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Daniel works for Alpha Systems in the Adhesives and Butyl Division as a Plant Manager. In his current role, Daniel manages production across various product lines and divisions. He leads a team of 90+ people across three shifts to ensure smooth, efficient, and safe operations. Daniel began at Patrick as a part of the IMPACT program, which led him to accepting his original role of Assistant Warehouse Manager at Alpha. He was quickly promoted to Butyl Division Manager and has since added Adhesives Plant Manager to his title. The IMPACT program provided Daniel with the exposure and experience he needed to jumpstart his career.

Hunter L.

“I feel recognized and appreciated when I run into a senior leadership team member that acknowledges and engages with me. Having familiarity with our most influential leaders make me feel like there is a legitimate path to the success I am driven to achieve.”

Hunter L.

Who Should Apply?

Applicants interested in joining our IMPACT team should have:

    • A recent Bachelor's or Master’s degree from a four-year college or university
    • Prior internship or work experience
    • A desire to lead projects and people
    • An analytical mindset with the ability to think strategically
    • Outstanding work ethic and determination
    • A commitment to Patrick’s core values of BALANCE, EXCELLENCE, TRUST, TEAMWORK, EMPOWERMENT, and RESPECT

Meet The IMPACT Bridge Team

Marissa Ulrich

Dewey headshot

Dewey Thompson

Andrea Williams

David Smith

Bring IMPACT to your school

Bring Patrick To Your School

Interested in seeing Patrick attend your career fair or interact with student groups? Let us know! We love to visit Women In Business groups, multicultural organizations, and other academic and professional groups to help foster a team of diverse leaders.

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How is this different from applying to a regular open position at Patrick?

IMPACT Trainees are full-time Patrick employees with the full suite of benefits included. Those who apply for IMPACT and are not selected are considered for other opportunities within Patrick, including Operations, Finance or customer-facing roles.

Do I get paid if I’m accepted into the program?

Yes! IMPACT is a salaried position with built-in bonus opportunities and a full suite of benefits, including medical, dental, vision, 401K, gym club reimbursement and much more.

How many people do you accept into the program?

We typically hire 4 to 6 Trainees for IMPACT, but this program is growing and so are our teams!

How recently must I have graduated to apply?

IMPACT targets candidates one to three years out of college.

I’m still in school, can I apply early?

Absolutely! We encourage you to apply with us as soon as possible to get a jump start on being considered for IMPACT after graduation and internship opportunities before graduation.

What if I have more than 3 years’ work experience?

Patrick is a network of thriving businesses that are growing at an incredible pace. We are seeking strong leaders all across the organization. If IMPACT is not the best route for you, we encourage you to apply for one of our many opportunities available on the Careers page of our website.

How long does the program take?

IMPACT is a one year rotational program, but we have had team members launch early into immediate business needs if it suits both the team member and the organization.

Do I have to relocate?

Not necessarily. Patrick has over 150 manufacturing facilities throughout the United States! Opportunities are coming available every day, and IMPACT is one of the first places we look. We want a team of IMPACT Trainees who are open to relocating for the right opportunity at the right time for you and the company.

Do I have a guaranteed job at the end of the program?

Yes and no — every position at Patrick is earned. Patrick is dedicated to investing in our IMPACT Trainees and providing the tools to be successful, but the rest is up to you! If you develop strong relationships and bring your best self every day, there will be an array of opportunities available for you at the end of the program. With a growth strategy as robust as Patrick’s, opportunities are popping up every day. However, our current teams include individuals who have dedicated their careers to developing and becoming our next leaders as well! We are all about putting the right person in the right place, at the right time, and IMPACT is not a “golden ticket” to a job as there are people working alongside you who are working toward similar goals.

Can I choose which department I want to work in at the end of the program?

The IMPACT program is great because it gives you a structured learning system but is flexible enough to tailor your development to your strengths and interests. As you progress through IMPACT, you will gain exposure to different parts of the business and discover your passions and talents. Through regular check-ins with your Bridge Team mentors and regular feedback, Patrick will assist in narrowing down the best opportunities for you and help guide you into roles that fit with your long-term career goals.