Responsibility & Sustainability Report

Our Journey To Sustainability

2022 Responsibility & Sustainability Report

Our Journey to Better, Together.

At Patrick, we hold firmly to our values in all that we do — BALANCE — EXCELLENCE — TEAMWORK — TRUST — EMPOWERMENT — RESPECT. Together, these words form an acronym, BETTER. We believe in the philosophy of being Better Together. Togetherness, for us, means being in concert with all team members, customers, shareholders and communities. Our core values and insights on what matters most to our stakeholders and business underpin our approach to ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and provide the structure for our inaugural report.

  • In 2022, to foster sustainability through our lens of Better Together, we focused on establishing practices through which we will drive accountability and performance in our operations across our platform.

Our Ambition

We are stewards, dedicated to our pursuit of responsible and sustainable practices — anchored in our Better Together culture — to positively impact our communities.

2022 Responsibility & Sustainability Report