Lighting Products

We offer Bright Ideas LED lighting, Street Glow exterior LED products, we have access to some domestic lines of 110V decorative lighting, Lithonia fluorescent lighting, and a wide variety of ceiling fans which also fall into this category.

Interior LED Lighting
  • By Bright Ideas

Exterior LED Lighting
  • By StreetGlow

Motion Sensing RV Lights
  • By Star Lights

Fluorescent Lighting
  • By Lithonia, Canarm, &  Royal Pacific

Recessed Lighting
  • By Royal Pacific, & Bright Ideas

Commercial Daylighting Systems
  Exit Lighting
  • By Royal Pacific

Light Bulbs
  • By Halco, Satco, Bright Ideas, & Star Lights

Under Cabinet Lighting
  • By Bright Ideas, & Royal Pacific...

Ceiling Fans